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Membership of the Society is open to all those who support its objects subject to nomination by two existing members and acceptance of a formal application to the IHS Council. 


The minimum annual membership subscription is £30

New members or former members returning after 3 years pay £10 for the 1st year.


All members qualify for : -


  - Discount on all designated IHS events. £10 off on day events and £20 off on weekends.

    See individual events listings for details.

    (Please note that discounts do not apply to events held at the Hall by other parties).


  - Direct bookings and discounted prices for accommodation stays.

  - Priority bookings for special events and accommodation stays.

  - Exclusive members events.


  - Newsletters with programme updates.


  - Voting rights at our General Meetings including the election of Trustees.


 - Nomination for election as a Trustee. 


 - Access to dedicated members pages on this site (forthcoming)


To enquire about membership please call the IHS Secretary on 0300 302 1936 (UK local call rate).